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Blackwater's Secret War in Pakistan

Matt Rothschild for Progressive Magazine In an explosive new article in The Nation magazine, investigative journalist and Democracy Now! correspondent Jeremy Scahill reveals the private military firm Blackwater is part of a covert program in Pakistan that includes planning the assassination and kidnapping of Taliban and Al-Qaeda suspects. Blackwater is also said to be involved in a previously undisclosed U.S. military drone campaign that has killed scores of people inside Pakistan. The article says the program has become so secretive that top Obama administration and military officials have likely been unaware of its existence. In a Democracy Now! exclusive, Scahill joins us for his first interview since the story broke

Journalist Jeremy Scahill: WikiLeaks Cables Confirm Secret U.S. War Ops in Pakistan (12/02/10) [11:46]
The (Not So) Secret (Anymore) US War in Pakistan (12/01/10) [article]
Jeremy Scahill: WikiLeaks Cables Confirm Secret US War in Pakistan (12/03/10) [article]


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